Edgy Style | Outfit of the day

“Black and white always looks modern” – Karl Lagerfeld

So what exactly is edgy style? Edgy has more than one definition, when you search the word edgy style, you usually will get the typical black leather jacket and studs and dark red lips. But to me edgy is being different, thinking ahead, not following tends but setting trends. I love how the dictionary defines edgy, it says:”daringly innovative”.

Edgy style really isn’t for everyone, by saying that edgy style is different it does not necessarily mean that it is crazy and weird, I think edgy style has got to do with stepping out of your comfort zone. It is a style that shows that you are confident and that you aren’t afraid to try new things. It says forget the rules, if it makes you happy then wear it.






What am i wearing?

so i did not break the bank with this outfit, take a look

  • Top/Jacket – Mr Price
  • Pants – Legit
  • Shoes – Adidas

The lipstick i am wearing is stone by MAC.

Photography – @NadineBarnard


I hope you enjoyed this blog post, comment on what style you would want me to do next. Also don’t forget to follow me on INSTAGRAM – Stylesbyyolandixx

love x



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