oh DENIM | Outfit of the day

“The difference between style and fashion is quality” – Armani


ohhhh denim! I feel like denim is something that we don’t appreciate enough, it can be dressed up and down and no matter where or how you wear it, you will look good in it. From the new edgy denim jacket you got online, to an old pair you “borrowed” from your mother that actually belongs to your grandma, yeah girls that jacket you like to say: “oh its vintage” yes that one, thats my favourite pair, thanks grandma. It’s functional, beautiful and comfortable. High waisted jeans to ripped jeans, to washed out and embroided and embellished, denim has got it all!

Take a look




Denim tips:

  • Try playing around with different shades of denim, for example, light blue jeans, or even white, with a blue denim jacket.
  • Ripped, or distressed denim is a thing, don’t be afraid to rip those jeans, or buy a pair if you not sure how to do it yourself.
  • Dress up your denim by adding statement accessories and a nice heel.
  • and whatever you do, please try to not end up looking like Britney and Justin at the AMA’s back in the day

Styling and Makeup – Stylesbyyolandi

Thanks to my beautiful best friend for joining me in this blog post- you can follow her here: Judy Grobler

So what’s your favourite denim piece in your wardrobe?




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